The Refuge City Church


at the refuge, we don't believe giving is something we have to do, we believe it is part of the spiritual life.

Traditionally, the Church has falsely taught a 10% tithe. We believe scripture teaches that tithing is part of the Old Covenant and was abolished along with the other laws at the cross. Therefore, tithing has no bearing or requirement on New Covenant Gentile believers.

We believe that giving to the local church should be an exercise of freedom rather then an observation of a law. Giving is an outward expression of our faith in God's goodness and provision. Giving a portion of our earnings is an expression of thanksgiving. This expression has a threefold benefit.

  • Giving frees us from the fear of money. By the act of giving, we are saying that our provision does not come from money but a good and generous God from whom all good things flow.

  • Giving is an act of worship and thanksgiving that allows us to invest/sow our financial seed into an eternal and expanding Kingdom. This worship connects us to God's plan in the world and to one another in agreement of the expansion of the Kingdom of God. 

  • Giving is a practical exercise of faith that allows us to see the provision of God and His blessing in our lives.

Please join with us in the expansion of His Kingdom of Grace and Peace and the transformation of our world into a new heaven and earth otherwise know as EDEN.