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What is Sin

For all you Bible nerds out there...

... we may need to rethink the New Testament idea of sin - root word in Greek Hamarria - ἁμαρτία

According to Wikipedia -

Hamartia as it pertains to dramatic literature was first used by Aristotle in his Poetics. In tragedy, hamartia is commonly understood to refer to the protagonist's error or tragic flaw that leads to a

J.M. Bremer, conducted a thorough study of hamartia in Greek thought, focusing on its usage in Aristotle and Homer. His findings lead him, like Hyde, to cite hamartia as an intellectual error rather than a moral failing

Thus this understanding is a strong confirmation to the teaching of sin as a disease or flaw of humanity. Our flaw is within the fabric of our

faith for it is to doubt the goodness of God opening the door to fear, guilt, shame resulting in the pain from the lie of separation or estrangement

from our maker.

This is fundamentally why Jesus prayer is focused primarily on us becoming ONE as He and the Father are one. This oneness brings us to revelation of our true nature apart from ‘the flaw’ - Hamartia. Once the shame and fear are removed throug

h the revelation of Christ we return to our divine purpose and creation - Oneness - male - female together in God - at peace and at rest free from Harmartia - The Sin - The Flaw

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